Choosing A Retirement Solution

Retirement Planning Basics

You know all about the advantages of a company-sponsored retirement plan — for both you and your employees.

But it's important to understand that participating in a retirement plan is just one of the steps we all need to take to prepare for a secure retirement.

This section is designed to provide both you and your employees with basic information on how to put together a solid financial plan. Because this section may be especially helpful to everyone in your company, you will probably want to share this information with your employees.  You may want to give newly hired employees a copy of the Department of Labor’s one page flyer entitled New Employee Savings Tips – Time is on Your Side

Much of the information in this section is taken from Savings Fitness: A Guide To Your Money And Your Financial Future created by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

  1. The Secure Retirement You Deserve shows you and your employees how to take stock of your finances and set your goals.
  2. Reaching Your Goals outlines the steps to take toward savings.
  3. Your Employer's Retirement Plan is a section that tells your employees what they should know about employer sponsored retirement plans.

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