Choosing A Retirement Solution

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Do you currently have, or do you expect to have more than 100 employees making over $5,000 per year?

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What type of company are you?
C Corporation
S Corporation
Sole Proprietorship
501 (c)(3)

How do you want to fund the plan?
Pretax Employee Contributions Only
Employer Contributions Only (Either discretionary or mandatory)
Pretax Employee Plus Employer Matching Contributions

How long do you want your employees to wait before they are eligible to participate in the plan (i.e., eligibility)?

What other plan features do you want?
Annual Required Contribution (Employer contributions are mandatory)
Vesting (Employees must earn vesting)
Participant Loans (Participants may take loans)
In-service Withdrawals (Participants may take in-service withdrawals)
Automatic Enrollment

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